Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Derick will provide overall strategic direction for the Company. He has over 35 years experience in growing and successfully exiting entrepreneurial businesses. In addition to executive management roles in companies in emerging technologies (CEO – Tiscali Consumer Division, CFO – Mediacom Telefacilities):

He co-founded LocalTel, which introduced the UK’s first unmetered internet service, The business was sold to World Online BV (now part of TalkTalk Group) within 3 years

Derick acquired a large stake in Gladstone Plc, a fully listed UK company that was being poorly managed. He joined the board and following significant reorganisation and business transformation, the business was bought by Constellation Software Inc. Within six years, Investors who had invested alongside Derick realised a ten-fold return.

Both of the above businesses were sold for multi-million pound sums.



Co-Founder & User Experience Director

Along with husband Jeremy, Laura is a founding shareholder of Wamo. Laura has over 25 years experience in delivering excellent services and customer interaction working with major brands on shaping and delivering new customer experiences.



B2B Relationships

Bede is developing relationships with both Emerging and Established Brands. Over the past 20 years, Bede has focused on guiding sales and marketing for a variety of companies, both large and small in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sector, with a recent focus on Digital, Payments and Mobile. His roles have included Head of Online Marketing, (AOL Europe), Marketing Director (sQuid Online Payments) and Global Information Director, International Master Publishers.



Product Director

Jonathan is a successful technology entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of award-winning 1minus1, a highly successful web and mobile agency working with clients including Vodafone, Toyota, Honeywell Group, HP and CBRE. During his time at 1minus1 he has also established interests in several successful technology startups, focusing on offering mobile and Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions. 1minus1 is a strategic technology partner of the business and, under Jon’s direction, provides the technical expertise to continue to manage and develop the App.



Media Sales

Charlotte brings broad experience in strategic sales, marketing, commercial advertising, account management and business development to Wamo, having held sales and management positions with a number of the UK’s largest newspaper groups over the past 15 years. Using her wealth of experience in media sales, Charlotte, on a day-to-day basis, will be securing sales with brands either on a direct basis or through their appointed media agencies.



B2C Relationships

Ben has 15 years’ experience across a variety of sectors of using technology and data analysis to create, refine and monetise consumer propositions. Coming from a development background, Ben has hands-on experience of the software development process – from product road mapping, infrastructure management and system design to the development of mobile applications. Ben and his team are responsible for the recruitment, retention and engagement of Wamo Users. Through a careful consideration of analytics data (including mobile application, website, affiliate activity and Social Media), he enables Wamo to understand end-user interaction with the Wamo platform and uses that insight to help refine the proposition and steer our product development process. Ben has recently worked as Solutions Architect at Ensygnia Onescan, a mobile payment provider.



Marketing & User Relations

Hannah is an Advertising and Marketing graduate and a Master of Science who has worked in marketing across a range of industries since leaving University 5 years ago.