Wamo delivers an opportunity for Emerging and more Established Brands to promote their products in an extremely targeted market and improve the value they receive for their digital advertising budget.

Entirely free to its end Users, Wamo generates revenues by charging brand owners for what is essentially targeted advertising, using games to encourage engagement rather than simple banners or scatter gun approaches.

User Engagement

By bringing Users into the App and encouraging them to engage on an ongoing basis with other Users, a User Community is created which has demographics (i.e. 18-30, mobile, social networkers) and interests (i.e. consumer trends, brands that reflect those trends) that are an attractive market for consumer brands.

User Community Growth

Daily Challenges give members of the User Community the opportunity to win prizes by interacting with the brands who sponsor them. Users also benefit from recommending products to other Users. The objective is to create an active community whose interactions with both brands and each other provides more value to them and to the brands than the forms of digital advertising which dominate the market today.

Targeting Based on Interests of User Communities

Wamo Challenges are designed to give a longer, more targeted level of interaction by the User than has traditionally been available. This is exactly what a brand or retailer is seeking from digital advertising. While the very large players target their advertising largely by demographic (e.g. age, gender, location), Wamo adds a new fundamental to this targeting – the interests of its User Communities as identified by those communities. Our Users clearly are only going to interact with brands and products that they have a genuine desire to understand and want.

Improved Digital Advertising Model

In adding ‘Interests’ to the advertising model, Wamo permits its business customers to assess not only the traditional demographic information, but also whether their products align with the interests of the Users they are seeking to reach. With the cost of digital advertising largely set by the very large players in the market, price competition can be more accurately calculated per User than might otherwise be the case, thereby giving Wamo the opportunity to provide significant savings to brands compared to the big players.

That said, Wamo’s intention is to provide brands with the opportunity to look beyond just the big players, giving some further breadth and depth to their marketing.