Wamo has created a free, mobile, social networking software application (‘App’) where Emerging and Established Brands can use Challenges and prize offers to showcase their latest styles and products for a community of Users who can follow the latest trends and also engage with those brands.

Available for either iPhones or Android phones, the Wamo App is geared to the 18-30 age demographic. Brands target these younger more cutting edge consumers.


Wamo App Objectives

In developing both the App and Wamo’s User acquisition and retention models over the past two years, Wamo’s management have concentrated on ensuring the App caters to three strong objectives:

  • Building User Communities based around interests rather than demographics alone – Users interacting online with brands they are enthusiastic about and with other Users who share those interests;
  • Creating very active Users rather than just those who sign up and then forget about it. Constantly evolving and changing content and Challenges fosters engagement on an ongoing basis, and;
  • Targeting the traditionally strong “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME” (WIIFM) motive amongst its Users through daily Challenges, as Users are more likely to both sign up and participate actively going forward if they have an opportunity to win prizes for doing so.

Games Drive User Communities

The Wamo concept is simple. By playing a game, you DISCOVER a new brand, product or service. You SHARE that discovery with your friends. And you WIN a prize or reward for doing so. The use of games to drive awareness and customer participation for brands and events has a long history (remember The Pepsi Challenge).

Wamo takes this concept into the mobile world, allowing Users to take part in Challenges and win prizes or discounted rewards by connecting with consumer brands and their products and services.

Daily Challenges

A brand creates a Challenge for the Wamo Users and provides a prize of their product or service for the winner and vouchers for exclusive money-off deals for those who enter.

Wamo members enter the Challenge for a chance to win the big prize but every entry receives a voucher. If you play, you win.

There are a wide variety of Challenges which might be provided, either recommended to the business customer by Wamo or which they design themselves.

Challenges are designed to be flexible, creatively led and fun, enabling brands, their marketing departments and agencies to create unique campaigns.

Challenges can be geared for online, in-store or an on-the-go, call-to-action.

For example:

i) Online – A Challenge designed to drive traffic to a brand’s website “Visit the brand’s website and grab a picture of an item that you think best defines ‘Summer’ and tell us why you like it”

ii) In-store – A Challenge designed to drive footfall in to a brand’s store, shopping centre, pop-up stall or event “Visit your local M&S and take a picture of your choice of ‘Dine-in for Two’ this Valentine’s Day and post it on Wamo.”

iii) On-the-go – A Challenge designed to get Users to interact with their world around them “Take a photo of an item of clothing lurking in the bottom of your wardrobe that you’ve never worn and share with Wamo. Add to Facebook using the hashtags #neverworn #WAMOChallenge”

This flexibility enables emerging, established or local brands to come up with their own ways to engage with Wamo’s User Community using Challenges.

Social Currency - Lists & Recommendations

Wamo combines social currency and e-commerce with ‘watch-and-wish’ List functionality that can be easily shared with friends and connections, both within the App and through other social media channels.

Whereas consumers usually create wish-lists with a specific brand, Wamo uniquely enables Users to create watch-and-wish Lists across numerous brands, which can then easily be shared publicly, all with just friends, or kept private.

Wamo Users are always in control of their own Lists and can create them for any occasion, for example:

  • ‘My favourite things’ (private and just for me),
  • ‘Things I need for Uni!’ (just shared with family), to
  • ‘I love these winter coats’ (shared with everyone and made public)

Many brands are still working out how to combine ecommerce with mobile and social media, something that Wamo helps with as Challenges act as a catalyst for brand engagement with Users.

As Users are incentivised to share content on their own social media channels, it creates a viral effect with further brand engagement, as their connections are also exposed to both Wamo and the brand featured in the given Challenge.

Challenges run every day and are constantly updated in the App and on the Wamo website. They are designed to be fun and simple to do, enabling brands to connect with an active community of mobile savvy consumers who are interested in what they have to offer.

Building Strong User Communities

The key activities that will make Wamo successful in increasing the engagement and time spent in the App, by both new and established Users, include the following:

i) Introducing a Friend – viral sharing from within the App

By tapping into a User’s advocacy and by incentivising the sharing of content from within the App – through Challenges or Lists – Wamo creates a mini-wave of viral campaigns that will encourage friends, family and community members to download, sign-up and use the Wamo App.

ii) Constantly Updating Challenges and My Rewards

Wamo’s Challenges with the chance-to-win prizes, backed up by My Rewards made up of vouchers, promo codes and discount codes which are given without having to enter a Challenge, creates an attractive proposition for both new and existing Users.

iii) Established, emerging and local brands

The Wamo platform enables Challenges and content to be created by established national and emerging brands, as well as by local, community based brands ensuring content is relevant to existing and new Users.

iv) Always Improving Ease of Use for the User

Effortless ease-of-use and interaction within the App will ensure existing Users return daily, visiting their ‘My Wamo’ home stream and their ‘Be Inspired’ stream for recommendations, to check content regularly so that they don’t miss out.

v) In-App Notifications

This will be further supported by in-App notifications alerting Users when activity relevant to them happens in the App. There are many of these notifications, each of which creates enough intrigue to drive a User back into the App. Examples of in-App notifications include:

  • when they have a new follower;
  • when a new item is added to a List that has been shared with them, or
  • when a brand or community they are following creates a new offer or launches a new Challenge

Brand Engagement

ENGAGE enables brands and retailers to expose their products to their target markets in order to:

  • allow new consumers to discover their brand
  • encourage consumers to explore their range
  • launch new products
  • generate sales
  • establish a channel for ongoing direct marketing

In the Wamo App, there are daily Challenges; a brand or retailer will buy an ENGAGE campaign that gives their brand the ability to set one of the in-App Challenges.

When the ENGAGE campaign starts, the brand is featured on the daily Challenges list and on in-App promotions and is therefore visible to all Wamo Users for the period of the campaign. By entering the Challenge Users will:

  • visit the advertiser’s web site or visit the real-world location (a visit)
  • select or ‘grab’ images of products or take a photograph (perform an action)
  • publish the images of the products on their feed (a social share)
  • follow the advertiser on the App (a follow)